Gents Lounge: How to Talk to Your Barber


George Laboda, from Gents Lounge, visits our Los Angeles barbershop to learn the best ways to talk to a barber in order to ensure the best haircut or hairstyle possible.

Here are 3 easy tips for you get the best haircut possible, and find the right barber for you:

1: Whenever possible visit the barber with clean hair and don’t wear a hat. You will alway get better results if the barber / stylist doesn’t have to cut through the product.

2: Bring in some inspiration, instagram pics or photos of your style gurus. Be realistic, find hairstyles online that match your hair density, and hair type. Hair color, also, plays a big part in the end result when talking about fades.

3: If you are going to a new barber or stylist remember that it may take more then one or two visits to get your hair just right. Now, don’t get me wrong, you should be happy with the end result on the first visit. However, it’s helpful for your barber to see how your hair grows out after a cut, and after the first visit it’s easier for you to communicate what you liked or would want to change about the haircut.