The Container Yard has only been a part of the Arts District story since 2013, but the history of the space and the neighborhood goes back much further...

The Container Yard site was actually the first mass production manufacturing plant for Japanese ice cream mochi company, Mikawaya.

This property is actual made up of 4 smaller lots which were pieced together over time by the late Francis Hashimoto and her husband, both whom have left a legacy of fearlessness and creativity which just seemed to be a part of the DNA of the space.

 From that point onward, they simply followed their instincts and attempted to create what we felt was our their haven for creativity. Pursuing their own love for art and creative building, they simply started to hack, cut, paint and weld our way to where they are today

Starting Summer of 2018 the container yard will be officially OPENING to the public, ACTIVATING Phase one of DEVELOPMENT. the space will FEATURE A Carefully curated collection of Shops, Services, & Art INSTALLATIONs, Also opening up the space to private/public events and community workshops.

The Yard will consist of: Montana Colors North American Flagship, Service & Supply (barbershop), and Wyld Bunch plants, as well as coffee and a rotation of LA's best food trucks.